I offer 30 to 60-minute sessions based on your needs.  I also do Distance healings for a 30-minute session, as well as an introductory rate for people who have never experienced Reiki before. Contact me for pricing and availability.

My history with Reiki

I am a Certified Reiki Master / Teacher. I received my first certification near Salem, Massachusetts by Laura Weston Willy at Spirit of Love. I’ve been called the ‘Reiki Rocker’ by friends. Some in humor not knowing how one mixes Rock ‘n’ Roll with Spirituality, and others who have known me for years and have watched me on my spiritual journey AND rock their faces off.

Almost 15 years ago I delved into the world of Life Coaching, having gone through all three phases of Summit Education in South Florida. Summit was based on the ‘EST‘ (Erhard Seminar Training) principles created in the 1970’s. EST adopted, in part, the Zen master approach. In 2011 I added to these tools by becoming Reiki Level I and eventually becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher.

What exactly is Reiki anyway?

Reiki (English pronunciation: Ray-kee) is a form of spiritual healing and spiritual practice. An article from answers the question, “What is reiki?” Reiki is believed by its adherents to be beneficial for treating physical, emotional, mental and spiritual diseases. Mikao Usui (Usui Mikao 臼井甕男) originated Reiki in early 20th century Japan. According to his followers, Usui received the ability of ‘healing without energy depletion’ after three weeks of fasting and meditating on Mount Kurama.

Practitioners use a technique similar to the laying on of hands, in which they serve as channels for spiritually guided (“Rei”) and Reiki Energy life force energy (“Ki”) — flowing through their palms to heal specific parts of the body. A study in Alternative Therapies (Jan/Feb 2005 issue) said that in 2002 there were over one million U.S. adults who had experienced Reiki treatments. Reiki is controversial because while there is empirical evidence of healings taking place, the specific energy or forces involved, and the interaction of mind and body have not been adequately documented by researchers. *Alternative” Healthcare: A Comprehensive Guide Prometheus Books (May 1994) ISBN: 0879758910.

Dr. Usui wrote five principals of Reiki that guide practitioners and recipients alike:

Just for today, I will live the attitude of gratitude
Just for today, I will not worry
Just for today, I will not anger
Just for today, I will do my work honestly
Just for today, I will show love and respect for every living thing

If you would like to book a Reiki Session with me, just shoot me an email and I will follow up usually within 2 hours.