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Life Rewards Bold Action

Ok.. I stole the heading for this blog from a quote my friend Aviva made. She is making some bold moves in her life and ever since she decided to follow her gut, things have been changing for her. Her mantra is;  Follow your gut, do your due diligence and let the Universe provide what it will.

I can relate to this completely. I have been walking to the beat of my own drum for the last year or so. Not an easy quest, but very gratifying. I have my days (last night) where I go into total panic mode and wonder if I’m really the spiritual being that I profess to be. Nobody is perfect.

I spend the last 17 days in Massachusetts with my friend Heidi. Both of us got our Level II Reiki Certification and are open to the possibilites that it offers. We are both insanely excited about this.

I have officially left ‘The Constant’ as their lead vocalist. I wish them luck in their future ventures.

As for myself, the album with Ged Rylands in the UK is still being worked on as well as still completing an album with Chris Melekyan.

I’m open to new Vocal work if you know of anybody looking.

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Live Young Forever

Fitness, and the lack thereof it, has been on my mind lately. Up until the beginning of this year I was a Cycling zealot. I was religiously on my bicycle 3 to 6 days a week for years. Last summer I had flown back to Colorado to do Ride the Rockies which was a 6 day 411 mile bicycle ride that went from Crested Butte, Colorado to Georgetown, Colorado. Over 30,000 feet of climbing. THAT was what I was used to.

For whatever reason living out here in L.A. has changed that. I’m not going to go into beatup mode. I’m just looking at it and wondering what is going on. And on closer inspection I’ve looked at other areas in my life. How are they doing? Am I lacking there as well? On the contrary! I’ve been doing tremendous amounts of spiritual growth. Taking classes, coaching and mentoring people. Musically I’ve been progressing tremendously as well. Recording with major players in the industry. Meeting new and exciting people. I’ve attracted the love of my life to me. Everything is going just grand. 🙂
So what’s the deal dude?

Well.. ask and you shall receive. Right?

Being with Heidi these past several (AMAZING) months I’ve noticed her workout routine. She NEVER misses a workout. There is no doubt why she has a rock solid figure. So I was just doing my random google searching and came across a book by Jack LaLanne. I got it and started reading it. It’s called, “Live Young Forever”.  He talks about diet, sex, having a positive outlook on life, etc. Very inspirational.

Well.. as spirit would guide me..

I sent an email to a friend this morning about a possible gig for her. I noticed that she was in New Bedford, Massachusetts. I was like… I know New Bedford! My Uncle Dave owns a place right in Fairhaven, Massachusetts just a couple of miles away! So I did my google search to find the address. Instead I came across this magazine article about my Uncle Dave.

In 2007 at the age of 92 my Uncle David Ward was a triple gold metalist in cycling at the Louisville, Ky., Senior Olympics. I have zero excuses. Here is a family member. Our own Jack LaLanne who I’ve known about and have looked up to for years. I come from an amazingly active family. It’s time to get back on the bike.

Day 1

See you there.

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Cha… cha… cha… Changes.

Summer is almost here and a lot has been happening…..

For the last several months I’ve been working with Ged Rylands on his up and coming release (due out this summer). I’ve always enjoyed Prog music with the keyboards, big guitars, etc. Bands like Dream Theater and Ten come to mind when I hear what Ged is doing. Right up my alley!

In the line-up are Neil FraserVinny Burns, Ralph Santolla, Guest Vocalists Harry Hess and Danny Vaughn, who each sing a track on the album, and myself singing on rest of the tracks.

I laid down all of the tracks at Track Entertainment Studios in Sherman Oaks, California. My Producer was non other than Rock Legend Kane Roberts. Bruce Mee, Ged’s long time Manager, commissioned Kane to work with me. The original plan was to fly me to Stockholm to record the album over there. What a pleasant surprise it was to to stay here in Sunny Southern California and get to work with Kane. Life is Great. Ain’t it?

Here are links to interviews with Ged on the new release coming out in the Summer of 2012.

Rocktopia Magazine

Ten Fathoms Deep

Melodic Rock

More Links

David Reed Watson

David Reed Watson FB Page

More to come soon!

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