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Reiki and Insurance

Happy Saturday!!
I’ve been asked a lot lately about Reiki. People seem to be curious about it now more than ever. It’s becoming so mainstream that some insurances recognize it as a healing practice. I would check with your provider, sometimes its under the umbrella of Massage Therapy. My sister is a Massage Therapist. I’ll check with her about it. Below is a link to her practice.

One of my buddies last night was a little hesitant to ask me about it. He wants me to work on him, and has decided to actually go through with it. Why is he hesitant? Well, like a lot of people they think its a bit too ‘Woo Woo’ for them. That its more witchcraft than something that can be physically determined, like, massage. I always resort to this…..

Your cel phone, your wifi. How do these these things transmit through the air? We can’t see them so does that mean that they aren’t there? Of course not. We take it for granted that it works because we see the evidence in the result. I.E.; When you open your browser and the information is right there, or you make a phone call and you hear the persons voice. Reiki is no different. You can’t see the energy coming through the practitioner and transferred to you. The practitioner is a conduit. But afterwards, you feel the results. Sometimes its a permanent change, sometimes its not.

I hope to work with you soon. Here is the link for my sisters practice.


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Rabbit Rabbit!!

It’s May 1st and its also Beltane. What is Beltane? As my friend Julie Zip…. I mean, Julie Elizabeth Day reminded us all, she gave a link to this site for more information which I will post below. Basically Beltrane is the time of the Sacred Union or the Great Marriage between the male and female energies (internal and external)/God & Goddess/Lady and the Green Man and a time of great creative energy and fertility. Many choose to begin the celebrations the eve before with bonfires, drumming, feasting and dancing. So Dance!!

Check out Julie’s blog. She is a wonderful teacher and friend.


Julie’s Blog

Beltrane – The Sacred Marriage

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Lesson of the Day – April 30, 2015

Happy Thursday! Did you write your 3 pages yesterday? What epiphanies did you have? Any surprises? Did it scare you? Did it wake you up? Today I want you to continue writing your 3 pages. Remember… don’t think! Just write!

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