Chris Sundive

In 2009 while still living in Colorado, having just been laid off in a massive layoff from the Ad Agency I was working for, I decided to take the time and go full bore into music. I’ve always had a band but I had always put my ‘job’ first. At the tender age of 45 I decided it was  time to start making something of this talent I had. I started putting ads in every music ‘zine  I could find all around the world. Chris was the first person to reach out to me and ask me to work with him. So I have Chris to thank for putting all of this into motion.


Chris Sundive - All Music
David Reed Watson - Vocals / Lyrics
Remixes by John Carr and Torqux
Record Label - Ebony Red Records


All Songs can be heard on my Music Player

 Another Day (Club Mix)
 Another Day (Radio Mix)
 Another Day (John Carr)
 Another Day (Torqux)