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Welcome to Monday, January 8th, which is a 2 in Numerology.

Today’s card is Abundance. There are three cups on top of an ever-flowing waterfall. On the card, it says ‘Everflowing interchange of love’.  Combined with today’s 2 energy of insight and enlightenment… it’s a good day to be with your tribe. Celebrate your success.

Yesterday I said that it was a 2 when it was actually a 1. Forgive me for that. Because I believe there are no coincidences it’s possible there was a deeper lesson that I needed to learn from this. If you wish to look at yesterday again I have revisited it with a new perspective.

How many of us are afraid of abundance?

I remember years ago I had learned the practice of vision boards. Every time I did a vision board I would mark off what I had accomplished. More often than not each board had everything or close to everything marked as complete. As my life got busy I stopped doing them. I guess that we feel like it’s too much work. This path isn’t easy. It takes practice but the payoff is worth everything.

Today is a good day to not only get back and honor your tribe and yourself, it’s a good day to get back into the practice of being abundant. If you feel that you don’t deserve abundance look deep into that and ask yourself why? Peel back the onion layer until you get to the root. I guarantee that you will find out that it was just passed down to you. It was never yours because we are born perfect. We just learn imperfection.

Today’s song is; It don’t come easy by Ringo Starr

“Forget about the past and all your sorrows, the future won’t last, it will soon be tomorrow.”

(Pronounced ‘Guy – Ali – Eh – LEE – Shay – He’)
(Cherokee for ‘I appreciate you’)

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