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Take a breath!

Welcome to Friday, January 5th, which is an 8 in Numerology.

Today’s card is the 9 of Disks or Gain. Whatever you’ve done in the past month or so, whatever you’ve strived for has worked out perfectly. It’s different than what you thought, but still perfect. This card stands for accomplishment, health, and well-being.

The energy and vibration of the 8 is about gifts. We’re talking about your natural talents, abilities and/or psychic abilities.

You are finding out that the more you give, the more you get.

You’ve heard the term before but never has it resonated with you so much as now. We’re only 5 days into this 11 year (read some of my previous blogs about the 11) and we’re already feeling a difference. An 11 year or a 2 (1+1=2) is opposite of the 1 energy of 2017. We’re now in the sacred feminine. Things are calmer… still busy, but calmer. The need to know is not the predominant force now. Going with the flow seems to be the vibe.

If you’re feeling a bit chaotic right now it might mean that the lessons of 2017 aren’t sinking in or you’re in resistance. What’s that old saying from the Borg in Star Trek? “Resistance is Futile”. Well, they’re right. It is. The law of attraction states; What you resist persists / What you embrace dissolves. Why? When you are resisting something your focus is still on what you are resisting. When you embrace it you are no longer focused on it. Pretty easy concept.

I am going to continue with this album by Michael Bernard Beckwith. It is called Transcendance. I used to listen to this every day while on my bicycle ride down the beach. I was part of the Agape Spiritual Center when I lived in Los Angeles and I learned a lot from ‘The Rev’ during my time there.

Today’s song is; U R The Answer by Michael Bernard Beckwith

“Something wonderful is always on the verge of happening. Something magnificent is always on the verge of happening.”

(Pronounced ‘Guy – Ali – Eh – LEE – Shay – He’)
(Cherokee for ‘I appreciate you’)

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