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Energetic Shapeshifter

Welcome to Wednesday, January 3rd, which is a 6 in Numerology.

Today’s card is Strength. Take a look at the card. It has a woman in ecstasy and a tamed lion. The lion represents our primal instincts and the woman represents love and passion.

Combined with the 6 energy they are telling us that we know we have this inner strength to accomplish any goal but our primal instincts have a tendency to sway us away from our path. Some hide in drugs, sex, alcohol, or get caught up in their jobs instead of focusing on their true passion.

When everything seems to be going so right for us why do we sabotage it?

I don’t think we mean to, I just think we don’t know how to harness the energy so we go directly towards our vice thinking that will harness it for us. In truth, all it does is take us further from our path and we end up miserable and our dream further away from our grasp.

What can we do to stop this sabotaging behavior?

Start finding your tribe. Start finding the people that struggle with the same issues that you do. Find a meetup group that will help empower you and again, when you stray… quit beating yourself up. Write down your struggles and learn more about why you do what you do.

None of us are perfect, but at the same time, we are. That is the polarity of being human. We strive to be perfect instead of recognizing that we already are. It’s good to have goals, dreams, and aspirations but just remind yourself that you are already there and that there is nowhere that you need to get to. That’s all these vices are… they are our inner selves telling us that we will never get there so we drown our sorrows.

I am going to continue with this album by Michael Bernard Beckwith. It is called Transcendance. I used to listen to this every day while on my bicycle ride down the beach. I was part of the Agape Spiritual Center when I lived in Los Angeles and I learned a lot from ‘The Rev’ during my time there.

Today’s song is; Energetic Shapeshifter by Michael Bernard Beckwith

“You might as well give in and be happy. You might as well give in and be great. You might as well give in and be prosperous.”

(Pronounced ‘Guy – Ali – Eh – LEE – Shay – He’)
(Cherokee for ‘I appreciate you’)

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