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The Mystic Chord of Memory

Welcome to Tuesday, January 2nd, which is a 5 in Numerology.

Today’s card is The World and combined with the 5 energy it is letting us know that the Adventure has begun! All of the hard work that we’ve put in is now coming to fruition. Do the lessons every stop? No. Nor would you want them to. We are here to learn, that is what this Earth plane is all about.

We come down here as Spiritual ‘Be’ings having a human experience. Our bodies are just avatars; vehicles to move within this plane. When we start to wake up to this realization then it is easier to move through it… separating our feelings from the mundane.  You start to look at yourself in the 3rd person. When anxiety and fear start to set in you have the capacity within yourself to analyze instead of reacting.

They call this a Spiritual Practice because it takes practice. This isn’t something that you go and take a class on and then put it aside because you think you know it all. No. It takes practice because on this earth plane it is easy to get caught up in life. It’s easy to forget.

Continue with your Spiritual Practice by surrounding yourself with like-minded people. Find your tribe. Don’t be afraid to be a leader instead of a follower. This world has enough followers and not enough leaders.

Give yourself permission.

I am going to continue with this album by Michael Bernard Beckwith. It is called Transcendance. I used to listen to this every day while on my bicycle ride down the beach. I was part of the Agape Spiritual Center when I lived in Los Angeles and I learned a lot from ‘The Rev’ during my time there.

Today’s song is; Mystic Chord of Memory by Michael Bernard Beckwith

“As you notice that the body is breathing… notice that the dust and the grit of anxiety and fear… they are dissolving.”

(Pronounced ‘Guy – Ali – Eh – LEE – Shay – He’)
(Cherokee for ‘I appreciate you’)

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