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Shin’en (Monkey Mind)

Welcome to Tuesday, December 5th which is a 9 in Numerology.

Today we are asked to leave all fear behind us, to look at the bigger picture. We are asked to raise up our artistic values above all else and go forth with confidence. Self-Confidence has always been a struggle for me, so I repeat this mantra…


We’ve seen hero’s in movies do it, saying, “This is going to hurt,” as they leap off of a cliff. It’s making that snap judgment decision before you can even think about it and before you will allow yourself to back off and quit.

As the card states; Virtue, Integrity, and Self-Confidence are the preconditions to channeling or tapping into that energy. Think of fear as a roadblock to your success. How many times in your life have you crossed over a roadblock only to find that it really wasn’t as bad as you made it up to be? Our ego (self-image) is only one part of us, but all too often we let that part take control.

Here is another simple tool I use; I look at my ego as a smaller version of me sitting on my shoulder, cowering. What I do when it tells me to hide or run away, I pacify it by thanking it for watching out for me and then I let it know that I’m ok. It seems silly, but sometimes we need these tools to keep our ego in check, to remind us again, that this is just a small part of us. This allows me to go ahead, to move forward into the unknown, knowing that fear is just something I’ve made up (False Evidence Appearing Real).

Today’s song is; Monkey Mind by DNA.

“You’ve got the shin’en disease. You’re not the only one it seems. This mental chatter, it seems, has got you down.”

(Pronounced ‘Guy – Ali – Eh – LEE – Shay – He’)
(Cherokee for ‘I appreciate you’)

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