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The Sun

Welcome to Wednesday, November 29th which is a 5 in Numerology.

The only constant is change.

Today’s card, The Sun, along with the Numerological vibration of the 5 we are shown a new path. The Sun is saying that everything is finally out in the open and there is nothing to be afraid of. You can now ‘see’ the path you are on and you are excited!

The 5 energy is filled with freedom and change. We have five senses in the 3D. Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell, and Touch. When all of these senses are alive and vibrating at a higher frequency (i.e., when we’re happy) we start tapping into the 4D with what people call our ‘6th sense’ which is our intuition, our 3rd eye.

When we are well on our chosen path we have more obstacles in our way. The path less traveled is not clear, it doesn’t have a nice paved road with traffic lights, signs and other drivers. It’s cold, rutted, desolate. There are trees down over it which you must traverse. If you get a flat, there are few, if any other drivers on the road to pull over and help you. You are alone, for the most part.

But, when we know this and even just a hint of Sun comes out we are elated! We are given hope.

So, if you feel like the Sun isn’t shining on your path go out and find your tribe! They are out there. You just need to look a little more closely.

Today’s song is; Here comes the Sun by George Harrison (My favorite Beatle).

 “Here comes the sun and I say it’s all right.”

(Pronounced ‘Guy – Ali – Eh – LEE – Shay – He’)
(Cherokee for ‘I appreciate you’)

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