David Reed Watson - posted on October 7, 2017 by

What’s happening in my world?

There is a lot going on right now and I am completely grateful.

First and foremost before I get into the music.
We experienced the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. History here in Las Vegas. We’ve experienced this tragedy first hand, but we’ve also seen people unite like never before. My fiance is one of the many people who worked tirelessly for the last week with the victims. She is a nurse here in Las Vegas and one of the most powerful people I know. When she comes home crying, you know that it was bad.

To every Police Officer, Fire Fighter, Nurse, Doctor, Paramedic, and those that selflessly helped those in need… I salute you. I salute you as a Marine. I salute you as a Human Being. I salute you for your dedication to your vocation. As tragic as this was, it was a lesson that even though there is bad in the world there is an equal amount of good. The Yin/Yang. You can’t have one without the other. Stay positive.

So… now on to the music.

Kill Ritual is well underway at the moment with a tour coming up in the new year, as well as a new label, video, CD and we are going Vinyl on this next one which I am very excited for. The line-up is solid with myself, Steven Rice, Jim Pegram, Chris Lotesto and Seamus Gleason. We did our first show together last month up in Santa Rosa at the House of Rock. This is the first time I’ve felt the groove that we’ve never had. Both Jim and Seamus locked it in giving Steven and I the freedom to do what we do. It was quite epic. I’m sure videos will pop up soon.

I have also joined Foundry, with Mark Boals singing with me and playing Bass… I have to pinch myself when we do rehearsals because he is such a down to earth guy with one of the most amazing voices in Rock n Roll. I don’t want my respect and admiration to overshadow the talent of Marc Brattin on drums and James Fucci on guitar, they both bring an element that cannot be denied. This will be a powerhouse line-up of shows coming up here soon. I’ll make sure to announce them as they arise.

Balancing each of them is keeping me on my toes. But the fact that they are both completely different genres of music is broadening me as a vocalist and writer. Miles Kennedy does it with Alter Bridge and Slash, and somehow it all works out, so I will do my best and keep it positive. I find myself stretching my abilities like never before. I’m even taking voice lessons from the Atlanta Rhythm Section and King Karma singer, Shaun Williamson. I went directly to Shaun when I heard that he had coached Glenn Hughes.

So… since I’ve got this highwire balancing act going on I’ve had to take leave of Sweet Home Alabama and hand over the reigns to my friends Jay Cee from 3 Lock Box and Dru Jaxin from Tailgun. Both great singers.

And if that’s not enough… I still have my Reiki/Life Coaching sessions going strong, working on clients, working with students and doing my best to bring a positive message to you every day. Make sure to add me on these sites listed below.