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Give it away

When I first starting studying energy work, one of the first things I studied was the Yin and the Yang. I had seen the symbols many times and had a good amount of knowledge of it, but what I didn’t know was its relationship to the flow. The way energy works is a flowing motion, you can’t receive energy completely without giving it away. Let’s say that you are financially bankrupt… it’s probably because you’ve got a problem with giving. A statement like, “I don’t have enough to give”, is telling the Universe that you don’t have enough which in turn it agree’s with you and therefore… you don’t have enough. I encourage you to listen to Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction to delve deeper into this concept.

I remember seeing a homeless person with a sign on the side of the road, the sign saying, ‘Help. Please. Need food.’ There were many times where I would try to avoid eye contact, afraid that they would approach me and then I’d lie and say that I had nothing to give.One of my many mentors in my life took me aside many years ago when I lived in Florida, and told me… I should give to that person on the street because they are asking. I was like, “But they’re bums! They should get a job!” My mentor looked at me and said, “It doesn’t matter what their circumstances are… you just give, you give because what you are telling the Universe is that you have enough to give.”

Recently, a bunch of friends of mine and I went and gave away to the homeless here in Las Vegas. We drove around giving, giving, giving until we had no more to give. Our friend that orchestrated this is abundant. Why is she abundant? Because either knowingly or subconsciously she understands the Yin and the Yang. She knows that it feels good, and she knows that even if it brought just a smile to someone for only a moment it was worth all the money in the world.

You see, once you get into this frame of mind, the mindset of, ‘having enough to give’, it becomes easier and easier to give, regardless of what the other persons circumstance may be. Once this becomes habit you’ll be surprised at how much you actually have! I have a stash of quarters, dollars, etc. in the car for things like this. Once you start doing this more and more, for one, you won’t have anxiety every time you come to a stop sign, and secondly, you’ll feel amazing! You’ll be grateful that you have enough, that you’re blessed with enough to actually give.

It’s hard to get into that mindset when you are stuck though, I know, it happens more often than not to me as well. With Reiki, I often give sessions away from time to time because I am trying to get the energy moving in myself. I know that I am receiving because I am giving and it ends up showing up in my life. But, like I said, I do get stuck at times. Times when bills need to be paid and I don’t have two nickels to scratch together. I’ll start focusing on what I don’t have… but all this is doing is stopping the flow dead in its tracks.

What do I do when this happens? Fortunately, I’ve had a lot of training and know the signs when they come along, or someone close to me will remind me. They’ll tell me to go exercise, meditate or go give a Free Reiki Session. So, for me it’s usually short-lived. But what about someone who doesn’t have all of this kind of training? Maybe it’s you reading this blog right now? What you can start to do is this… when it’s happening, write it down.

Write down what you are feeling

What are you feeling when bills come in the mail that you can’t pay? Start noticing these feelings. When you receive a bill is your automatic reaction to say, ‘Oh No! I can’t pay this now!’  Start noticing the patterns. Start noticing when you say things like, ‘I wish I had the money for that.’ or ‘Only rich people have things like that’, or the big one….

Money is the root of all evil

Well, let me enlighten you to this fact… The translation from the Bible was lost in translation. The actual translation is, ‘The LOVE of Money is the root of all evil’. Just think of money as energy that needs to be exchanged. Once you start training yourself with this kind of mindset you’ll start noticing how things just sort of happen in your life.

When you start saying, ‘Yes’ instead of ‘No’ the flow of energy starts moving through you with greater ease.

Like the Yin and Yang. The positive and the negative. You can’t have one without the other. It’s impossible. Recognize this and just…

Give it Away… Now!

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Kill Ritual Update Fall/Winter 2016

(From the Kill Ritual Website)

Hey gang it’s been awhile since we laid down an official update!

Good news; no one died, became a Jehovah Witness or joined a Satanic Cult (yet)! We’ve actually been recording the follow up to our last CD Karma Machine and are about 80-90% there.  Luckily we were able to enlist the talents of none other than Matt Thompson from King Diamond to lay down the drums tracks for the CD and as expected it’s pretty goddamn awesome. Of course he’s not joining the band as he has bigger fish to fry, but it was nice to have some talent of his caliber involved.

11 tunes’ in the bag and again we’ll hit up Andy LaRocque and Sonic Train for the mix and mastering. The CD went down as a trio this time with Matt on drums as mentioned, David Reed Watson on vocals and Steven D. Rice on all guitars, bass, etc. as well as engineering/producing the recordings. Song titles and all the usual press/promo BS at a later date as we get it done. Expect an early 2017 release with the usual tour dates etc. to follow up is in the works. Rock!

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November Update

A few changes are abound. I have recently closed my Facebook page to just friends in order for me to concentrate on my music page. My music page is now run by my friend Gin Woodard, so if you have me as a friend on Facebook, please ‘like’ my Facebook Music page and say Hi to her as well.

Also, I’ve been working hard in the Studio for the new Kill Ritual material. Steven and (secret drummer) have finished a total of 11 tracks of some insanely awesome music which I look forward to finishing for you all the hear. We should have some previews for this years NAMM show to hand out as well. I’m also working on some other new material as a side project as well as working on getting together a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young type acoustic trio or quartet. If you live in Vegas and are interested just drop me a note.

Below are links to the new Facebook music page and other goodies.

Original Music Pop out

Cover Music Pop out

David Reed Watson


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